Steps to creating Your Blog

As I have just started up my blog I have decided to write this article for anyone who is considering doing likewise.

Before starting I would recommend you plan out a couple of articles in advance just to have an idea where you are going to go with your blog. Once you know what you are going to be writing about and are happy you have use full content to contribute to the blogosphere the next question you have to ask yourself where you will host it and what platform you will be using. There are plenty of options out there both free and self hosted. If you are starting off just testing the water there are free blogging platforms like Goggle’s Blogger, Joomla free 30 day demo, and All of these options except Joomla are have no limit time wise but are slightly lighter feature wise than the self hosted versions. The most obvious limitation of these free platforms is the url that comes as standard will contain the platforms name in it, e.g. However these free options are a great way to experiment with the various platforms to find your preferred platform.

If you are deciding to go all in from the start or are transferring your blog from a free platform to your own domain then you will have to find a host and a domain name which after shopping around you should be able to get for between €50 and €100. When shopping around it is essential that you ensure your hosting package has databases included as you will need a database to install a Content management system (i.e. blogging platform) on a server.

Next you have to chose a platform. The 3 top players in the free content management system market are Wordpress ( ), Drupal ( ) and Joomla ( ). I am using Drupal to power this site. My reason for that choose Drupal is I was doing research on it as an open source alternative to a subscription Content Management System (that will remain nameless here), and it grew on me. I also have experience with Wordpress and would have no problem recommending it. As for Joomla, well at this stage it is still uncharted territory for me. It’s down to personal preference and you really have to try them out and give them a chance as they are open source they require modules and plug-ins’ to extend their functionality.

You then have to go to the website of your platform of choice and download the core package. Once downloaded it has to be unzipped and uploaded to your server usually using an ftp client such as File-Zilla. Your host will provide you with the required login information. If you are nervous about doing this there are loads of tutorial videos out there just Google it. Next you have to configure the database for your site. This process differs from site to site so again follow the instructions included in your core package or follow a tutorial on youtube. Now you have to browse to your site i.e. and complete the install by following the steps on screen.
Now that the hard part is done all you need to do is find a theme you like, they can be easily found both free and paid. And now you are ready to add content and start blogging.

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